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we are always looking for good volleyball officials.

(CVVOA has close ties with the Richmond Volleyball Club and officiates the annual RVC Showcase Tournament on Labor Day Weekend)

For information on how to become a high school volleyball official,

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To confirm match schedules, game officials and Athletic Directors should click on the above logo to sign onto, the web-based scheduling system that we use for assigning.

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Current Events
(updated 3/22/20)
View the 10/13/19 Webinar

          CVVOA News Flash             (updated 11/25/19

View  the 9/15/19 Webinar
NFHS 2020 Rule Changes (NFHS)  
View the 8/25/19 Webinar

NFHS 2019 Rule Changes (NFHS)  

View the 10/14/18 Webinar

10-14-18 Webinar Rule Clarification

Interpreter's Report (updated 09/13/15)

View Annual Banquet Video

Rules & Mechanics

Rotations and Overlaps

Rotations Power Point


2017 Referee Magazine Rules Quiz


Unnecessary Delay & Libero Replacements

Training Video - 09/09/12

Links to Line Judge Videos (10/15/17)

Membership Training 10/03/10
CVVOA Score Sheet (NFHS Type) (.pdf)
CVVOA Score Sheet (NCAA Type) (.pdf)
VHSL Ejection Form (for Commissioner only)
Ejection/Incident  Form (.pdf)
Philosophies, Tips, & Help

Referee R2 Article - Part 1

Line Judge Best Practices

Referee R2 Article - Part 2


Dealing with Obnoxious Fans

Captain Speak  - Part 2

Coach Complaining (YouTube)

Captain Speak  - Part 3

Collegiate School Map
VHSL Volleyball Registration
VHSL Whistle Help Phone #(804) 554-1554

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